Why Human-Generated Transcripts?

100% human-powered transcription

Human Generated Transcripts vs. Speech Recognition

Christian Transcription Services provides human-generated transcripts. Subsequently, we produce transcripts at a 99% accuracy rate. This percentage is far above transcripts generated by artificial intelligence (AI), also known as speech recognition.

Although some speech recognition services offer cheaper rates, this form of transcription has major drawbacks. For starters, speech recognition takes jobs away from qualified human professionals. Additionally, AI programs cannot produce text from audio files containing foreign dialects, multi-speaker conversations, and excessive background noise.

Finally, human transcriptionists are able to decipher and insert correct homophones (their vs. there vs. they’re). Computers may seem intelligent but they will never outsmart our God-given cognitive abilities — even if they continue to make us verify that we are not robots.

To summarize, our transcripts are created by real people passionate about communicating the Gospel in accurate and creative ways. You’ll never need to revise a finished product. We guarantee our work.