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About Us

Our Unique Transcriptionists

Unlike other transcription services, our Christian transcription company employs transcriptionists with backgrounds in biblical theology, apologetics, and Christian worldview studies. For this reason, our transcripts contain accurate spellings of biblical names and phrases, proper transliteration of Greek and Hebrew words, and a correct usage of Scripture references. Subsequently, the unique skillset of our team sets our transcription company apart from general transcription services.

Podcast Transcription Services
Podcast Transcription Services

Our Unique Career Needs

Do you have a background in biblical theology or Christian apologetics? Maybe you are a current seminary student needing some extra income. If you feel you are qualified to be a transcriptionist with Christian Transcription Services, please send an email to: info@christiantranscripts.com. All you need to get started is a PC, foot pedal, and Express Scribe software. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Sermon Transcription Services

Our Unique Services

We provide accurate transcription services to churches, ministries, TV and radio networks, and Christian educational institutions. What’s more, we work hard to stay within your budget. Our company recognizes the potential of using your transcript material for marketing purposes so we strive to meet your preferred turnaround times. As an additional service, we offer affordable digital content creation services. By using the transcripts of your sermons or podcasts as a framework, we develop material that reflects the voice and vision of your organization.

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Wanted: Christian university and seminary students!

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