Podcast Transcription

Is Podcast Transcription Important to Online Ministry?

Almost all podcast transcription companies view transcripts as the end product. In contrast, Christian Transcription Services understands them to be the first step in successful online outreach.

Not surprisingly in our digital age, Christian podcasts are crucial to online ministry. In fact, over a span of ten years, podcast listeners in the US grew from 18 to 44 percent (Edison Research). However, developing podcasts is a tiresome and time-consuming task. For this reason, many people move on to the next project as soon as their latest podcast has aired. Consequently, the opportunity to access existing powerful content is missed.

By and large, a 45-minute podcast contain enough material to develop a week’s worth of social media posts. Similarly, podcast transcripts are condensable into articles for ministry newsletters or a blogs for a website. By building upon a familiar topic, ministry partners and congregation members feel more connected to your vision.

Certainly material contained in podcasts is powerful. To illustrate, imagine the force behind a social media post tagging the words of a recent podcast guest. Without question, good online content is interactive content.

Overall, search engines do not look for keywords in audio files. When you decided to you need help reaching a larger audience, please contact us. Our writers will strategically identify key phrases of your transcripts and help promote your topic online.

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