Christian Transcription Services

We utilize transcriptionists with backgrounds in theology, apologetics, and Christian worldview studies. Specializing in theological terminology, our transcripts contain accurate scriptural references, transliterations, and biblical spellings.

Sermon Transcription

Sermon transcriptions allow your spoken word to reach further into your congregation and the world. First, transcripts help the hearing-impaired participate in your teachings. Additionally, transcripts are printable and archivable, meaning people can easily access your message using keywords. Furthermore, sermon transcripts establish a great foundation for future Bible study and discussion group material for your congregation. More info here.

Podcast Transcription

In addition to the benefits listed under sermon transcription, transcripts of your podcasts can be converted into closed captions or foreign subtitles. We provide captioning with timestamping in the form of .srt files. These files are easily uploaded to your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Also, when saved in the proper destination, .srt files automatically play captions on your church’s computer media player. All caption files come with a transcript at no additional charge. More info here.

Conference Transcription

Attending a Christian conference is like drinking from a firehose. While many people take notes during the sessions, this can be stressful and hinder the fellowship and worship aspect. We gladly transcribe lectures and break-out sessions of your entire conference so attendees can enjoy the moment. There will be time for in-depth study later!

Captioning & Subtitles

Captions. Subtitles. What’s the difference? Captions are designed for the hearing-impaired and capture both on and off-screen speakers as well as important background noises. In contrast, subtitles do not capture background noises or label speakers. They are not necessarily geared for the hearing-impaired. Instead, they are commonly used in foreign films and music videos.

Lecture, Seminar, & Panel Transcription

Maybe you have great content from a panel of Christian speakers. Or perhaps you did an interview covering important cultural topics worth promoting on social media. Our transcriptionists are skilled in multispeaker conversations. And believe it or not, our transcriptions crave the chance to transcribe lectures and seminars from Bible professors. Theology is in our veins. More info here.

Lyric Transcription

Not surprisingly, people desire transcripts of musical lyrics to use for worship or to upload online. But did you know lyric transcription is also tremendously useful for hearing-impaired individuals? Lyric transcripts are used by ASL signers to lead worship. When used for ASL purposes, lyrics are timestamped. Hearing-impaired signers are then able to lead worship by signing in sync with the music.

Book Structuring

You put a lot of work into your sermons, podcasts, and lectures. You’ve already created solid scriptural content. Now let’s put that content to further use. Not only do we offer Christian transcription solutions, but we help Christian leaders organize their transcripts into books and curriculum. Okay, maybe a book is too big of a dream for you, but a blog or two is feasible! The possibilities are endless. Pricing is per project.

Biblical Content Creation

By utilizing the material from your transcripts, we create Christian content unique to your ministry’s website and social media pages. Whether you need a single engaging social media post or a series of posts promoting your upcoming teaching series, we design relevant material that reflects your message. More info here.

Why Christian Transcription Services?

Podcast Transcription
Sharing the character of Christ, one character at a time.

Christian Transcription Services helps ministry leaders convert their spoken word into accurate transcripts and subtitles. If you are a church pastor, Christian speaker, or media network with speech-to-text needs, our services can help. Read on!

First and foremost, we desire the Gospel to reach people across the globe. For this reason, we proudly offer affordable sermon transcription services. Because our priority is to help you spread God’s message to others, every sermon, biblical lecture, and podcast is transcribed by transcriptionists with backgrounds in theology, apologetics, or Christian worldview studies. Our team is aware of the uniqueness of the biblical message, and we are dedicated to truth and excellence.

In addition, to transcripts, we provide caption editing and subtitling of your videos. Timestamping is available.

Furthermore, our company offers a unique blend of Christian writing and online content creation. Using your transcripts as a foundation, our experienced scholars create a quality summary of your sermon or podcast. Our team also provides content creation services to assist your marketing efforts. Overall, our aim is to help your ministry reach your desired audience… and beyond.

Our Dedication

Undeniably, the online component of promoting and maintaining a ministry is hard work. That is why we work with you as part of your ministry team. Regardless if you’re a large TV network, a hometown church, or a private ministry, we come alongside you to assist you in your vision. Contact us today with questions.

Of note, Christian Transcription Services provides human-generated sermon transcription services. Likewise, podcast transcripts and caption editing services are performed by real people with superior skills. We do occasionally accept non-theological transcription work, but our niche is theology-related terminology.

Check out these Christian ministries and study programs related to Christian apologetics and Christian worldview. “But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15

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